Giving out of nothingness

So here’s a thought….

You know those popular memes that say you must always look after yourself first and fill your well because you can’t give from an empty well… Prudent & sensible, I guess. (But what about when life just drains your well, as it often does?) That means I constantly will try to ladle the ocean with a spoon, back into my well…

I have discovered the profound result of the contradiction to this popular view, which is by no means a prescription — just an observation:

When you have NOTHING, absolutely nothing left to give and you are stressed out and strung out;

When you are bruised and threadbare and YET, feel the definite nudge from your heart and compelling instruction from your spirit being to go give and really give BIG… out of your nothingness;

To serve someone else and give out TLC (the very thing you need);

When you do that from a position of faith and surrender, and you give with bodacious JOY & love and without borders or constraints or self-serving agendas, something truly magical happens…

That’s when miracles happen.

That’s when heaven bows down and kisses earth. That’s when that very thing you needed gets added to you not in linear measure, but rains down until you have no more buckets in which to catch it! That’s when your giving truly touches someone’s life in a transformative way. That’s when it becomes bigger that yourself!! ( and your life and your puny problems)

It goes beyond you and amplifies like a rainbow in the sky.

Today was such a day…

So here is my challenge to you: (it doesn’t involve a bucket with ice water!)

If it’s love you crave, then reach out and give heartfelt love & compassion to someone with a broken heart.
If it’s money you need, give the little you have to someone even more in need than you. (even it’s just a bread and milk for the next day)
If you need assurance or affirmation, then pick up the phone and call someone and encourage them!
If you’re feeling strung out with your kids, then make plans today to go help one of your friends with theirs!!
If you’re having an all-round hard time, how about cooking dinner for a friend whom you know is depressed and stressed at work?

Let me know how it goes!

Love and peace people

#biggerthanme #findingmycolourwithin