Keep Them Out

Don’t let people come into your life as directors. They can come as directions but not directors. Why? When people are directions, they show you various paths you can take but the power to decide the path to take lies solely with you.

Don’t let people who should not be in your space have access to your door handle. Why? When they do, others who come in — even without an introduction — will think they are the curators of the past events of your life.

Don’t let people who have no business knowing your business into your business. Why? They never make a purchase, because they come as analysts and consequently time wasters. They are NOT potential clients.

Don’t let people who have no reason knowing the colour of your toothbrush into your bathroom. Why? When they leave they assume they know the colour of your favourite underwear.

Don’t let people who are not compassionate empathise with you. Why? They do not know the difference between trouble and problem.

Don’t let people make you rate yourself low. Why? If they owned your exact scale they would adjust it till it reads its highest for them.

Don’t let people who do not understand how you do what you do know how you do what you do. Why? They have no need for the knowledge. And even when they know, they never put that knowledge to good use.

Don’t let people who always say ‘it doesn’t matter’ try to prove a point to you. Why? They will try to coerce you into their way of thinking, which usually doesn’t matter.

Don’t let people who do not appreciate food presentation serve you water to drink. Why? They think it’s a waste of time and may not equally care to rinse the cup.

Don’t let people who whine a lot take a chair in the centre of your heart. Why? They will spin you till you sublet your happiness.

Don’t let people who talk irresponsibly be your role model for learning grammar. Why? They don’t know when silence is loudest.

Don’t let people whom you have never met take away your sense of reasoning. Why? If they never showed up you would still have your sense.

Don’t let people who think self-love is selfishness dissuade you from loving yourself. Why? They are cynics who think it’s a crime to feel good about yourself when the rest of the world is suffering; you need to remind them your shoulder can not carry all the problems in the world.

Don’t let people who are bald talk to you about using a certain hair growth product. Why? If they really had a solution for you, they would be wearing ponytails themselves.

There are people who have underground vaults in their houses with heavily armed men at their gate posts. Vaults designed, built and installed by men and not robots. These people also have electricians, plumbers; gardeners and all manner of domestic helps come into their houses for work, maintenance and repairs. Some of these people never sign a nondisclosure agreement with these handy men.

What am I driving at?

Different kinds of people will come your way in life, anybody can give you a script for living and you may not be entirely careful when choosing the actors in your life; but it’s up to you to direct the movie of your life the way you want the actors to interpret their roles and it’s up to you to place a value on this movie called YOU.

Don’t let people come into your life as directors!

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