All the Ben Affleck Batman film’s we’ll never get to see…

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Early last week we learned that Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) is starting from scratch for his take on The Batman. He scrapped Ben Affleck’s old script and is writing his own.

It’s a bit of a bummer, honestly. After all, Affleck is an Academy Award winning screenwriter. In addition, his films tend to be about the criminal underworld, so it’s not like he’s stretched to write the script.

We can only speculate which famed comic book arcs Affleck culled from and the personal themes he poured into the picture. Unless there’s a Warner Brothers hack or Affleck leaks the script on a Kevin Smith podcast, we’ll never know for sure.

That’s why I scoured message boards across the ‘net sand consulted my magic eight ball for these potential Ben Affleck Batman films that we’ll never get to see…

1. Gone Bat-Girl

When Bat-Girl goes missing, the media hounds Batman for the answers. Eventually, they come to suspect that he is responsible for the disappearance himself. Batman must solve the mystery to clear his name, uncovering a dark trail of clues Bat-Girl left behind just for him. The film is an exploration of trust, subjectivity, and gender roles in the modern age.

3. Good Dick Grayson

This winsome drama actually shifts perspective to Dick Grayson aka Robin, Batman’s sidekick. In this incarnation, Bruce Wayne/Batman plays the blue collar friend that encourages Dick Grayson to pursue academia at the prestigious Gotham University and achieve his full potential. Dick Grayson meets a kind therapist (Alfred Pennyworth) who helps him confront old wounds and let go of his past. All in all, a rather uplifting tale for the Batman universe.

4. The Daredevil

According to some sources, Affleck is still mad that his 2004 take on the man Without Fear was a flaming ball of trash. Supposedly, he explored a remake of the material wherein Bruce Wayne goes blind and relaunches The Batman persona as The Daredevil (despite the fact that bats are already blind and his current superhero template would work just fine).

Warner Bros nixed his version, but considered it if they could develop the project as Batman v Daredevil. Sadly, the cost of paying Affleck to play both roles was just too high.

5. Chasing Selina

Affleck and frequent collaborator Kevin Smith imagined a Batman film that added elements of an indie rom-com to the comic book world. Batman runs into trouble with his new girlfriend, Cat Woman, when her free-spirited past brings out a host of sexual insecurities in him.

Fun Fact: Alternate title? Mall-Bats

6. Live By Night 2

Affleck worried that he wouldn’t be allowed to direct another crime-centric, non-superhero passion project, no matter how successful his Caped Crusader role turns out for Warner. So, he wrote himself a hybrid of a Dennis Lehane novel and a Batman tale. This period piece Batman film is set in a pre-World War II gangster paradise.

7. Arma-Gotham

When the Joker sends an asteroid barreling towards Gotham city, only Batman and a rag-tag group of oil-men can go into space and stop the imminent destruction. Affleck mentions legendary rock group Aerosmith several times in the screenplay, as if anticipating how certain scenes could edit to an arena-ready ballad.

Seal is still waiting to get a call for another go ‘round on a Batman soundtrack. No word on if Affleck would go for him.


Did you hear about any Ben Affleck Batman scripts that I missed? Please comment below!!!

If we’re lucky, someone will set up a Kickstarter and give us the fan version. I’m not giving up on Ben’s vision and neither should you.

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