Creative Cardio — Indoor Cycling Edition

Cycle your heart out!

It’s the fourth and last edition of the creative cardio series — the stationary bike, or indoor cycling.

Tone your legs and get your heart pumping with some intervals! Life gets very busy, but you can always find a way to make the 30 minutes you do have, as effective as possible. This fast and effective 15 minute cycle blast completes your bank of creative cardio ideas to jump to when you are in need of a boost! Be sure to try it out, it takes LESS than 30 minutes to get sore legs, and trust me when I say you will!

0.00–1.00: resistance 1

1.00–3.00: resistance 10
3.00–5.00: resistance 9
5.00–7.00: resistance 8
7.00–9.00: resistance 7
9.00–11.00: resistance 6
11.00–13.00: resistance 5
13.00–14.00: resistance 10

Cool down
14.00–15.00: resistance 1

It does not look like much when you write it down, does it? You don’t need much time if you use that time effectively and to the best of your ability.

Push yourself, and you won’t need hours in the gym. Results can be achieved in a short space if time each day, you just have to work hard!

I hope this series has given you some great ideas to smash out some new cardio sessions. Remember, there are endless options available to you. Find the one that works for you, and smash it out. Results will come when you love what you’re doing, so keep it up!

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