Fat. And why it shouldn’t be feared

Up until a couple of months ago I was an avid ‘99% fat free’ hunter. I’d always opt for that lower calorie, lower fat option and in terms of my daily fat intake I was just bordering on my daily minimum or tipping just below (nominally body weight in kg / 2 = minimum fat intake).

The macronutrinet, FAT, has the role of maintaining our hormone balance. It’s an incredibly important macro especially in women, as it, along with other factors such as total calorie intake and energy expenditure, helps to regulate menstrul cycles.

In recent months after about 2 or so years of ‘female hormone imbalance’ I increased my calories and upped my fat intake by a minimum of 20 grams extra per day (approximately 50g per day). In less than two weeks, my female hormones were fully operational again AND as an added bonus the increase FAT consumption left me feeling satisfied for a longer period of times in between meals.

Some of my favourite sources of fat include:

  • Nuts (brazil nuts, cashews and almonds)
  • Egg yolk (mmm poached eggs)
  • Sugar free chocolate (Cacao Tree)
  • Coconut Oil/ Coconut Chips/ Shredded Cocont (mixed into oats or yogurt!)
  • Salmon! (My MuscleChef Salmon w/ rice and mushroom sauce ❤ ❤ ❤)

Guys, don’t forget to add FATS into your diet. There are a ton of benefits and it shouldn’t be neglect from your diet. Hormones are definitely not something to be messed with in the name of weighing 2kg less!

Happy dieting :) 
Roxy x

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