Habits Of A Fit Person

In the words of Nike, “Just Do It!”

Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean slaving away for hours a day, weeks on end. Small steps each day can lead to big results. These few steps can be implemented NOW, you don’t have to wait. They’ll help accelerate your fitness goals. You’d be surprised how easy it is to tweak your routine, try them today!

Walk more
This is easy to do, and by far the best thing for your health and fitness. Even if you are in the gym 6 days a week like me, walking places and getting in your 10000 steps a day is only going to excel your health and well-being. Whether it’s walking out of the office for your morning coffee, parking 10 minutes further away, or a walk with the dog, add it to your daily routine!

Stop the excuses
Too busy to hit the gym, no time to prepare healthy food, too hard to find healthy take-out food — I have heard them all. Don’t sell yourself short. I understand all of the types of excuses are valid one way or another, but stop making them, prioritise your health and fitness today, and see how far you can excel.

Workout smarter
You might plan an hour gym session into your day, but sometimes this just can’t happen. Workout smarter by incorporating HIIT into your day. 10–20 minutes of high intensity training that works your entire body and leaves you dripping in sweat might be a better option for you. 20 minutes can fit into ANY day, you don’t have to skip, but you do have to work hard!

Those are my top three. Do you have any good habits you could share?

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