My tips on jumping on the bandwagon

Falling off the bandwagon is easy. It’s about 110% easier than creating disipline and following a regime. Christmas and New Years is pretty much a ‘yolo’ period for most in terms of diet and training.

Following surgery, post comp and a plethora of social events I enjoyed foods well and truly above my calorie target and today like most I’m returning to my nutrition regime.

I know that getting back into the swing of things can sometimes be daunting, frustrating and unmotivating so I’d like to share my tips to help you reignite your passion and drive.

1. Just do it
Honestly it’s as simple as that. Just trag your butt to the gym and get a session in. You’ll likely feel a bit sluggish after some time off your diet and/or training but a few days of consistent training and increased activity will have you feeling alot better

2. Prep your meals
Get back to prepping your meals (or better yet order them fresh from My Muscle Chef!). Having fresh, healthy, calorie conscious foods ready to go will help you stick to your plan.

3. Education
Educate yourself on nutrition and eat foods you actually enjoy! Again, this will ensure compliancy to your plan. Don’t just stick to a list of 6 ingredients because barry from said that that was how he got shredded.

Fortunately My Muscle Chef have all their macronutrient information readily available and their meals can be found on My Fitness Pal for easy tracking.

4. Drink water
After some time off training and dieting, the excess calories would likely make you feel a bit ‘watery’ or bloated. I recommend a good 2 to 3 litres of water daily to help flush your body.

5. Don’t do anything drastic
Don’t feel guilty and cut your calories to something ridiculous below your BMR or do some silly Tea Detox. Why? Because in a few days or weeks time you’ll rebel against, binge and the cycle will start all over again. No need for that! Just enter a slight calorie deficit, wait for the results, be patient and be consistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day so just keep chipping away.

Best of luck in smashing your goals for this year and I hope you all have a fit and healthy start to the new year with a reignited passion!