The In between….

If you’re like me and you’re always hungry, sometimes a two or three hour wait in between meals can seem like a life time away and you’re left counting down the hours. These ‘in between’ hours can break you’re diet and your hard work if you aren’t careful and cave into your cravings.

To prevent any binges and to tie me over to my next My Muscle Chef meal I have a couple of tips!

  1. Keep hydrated and continue to drinking water, sipping amines, zero sugar soda or try blending a black coffee with a tray of ice cubes for an iced long black/ black frappe
  2. Snack on water based veggies like cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes or even original dill pickles. These options are very low in calories so you get more bang for your buck!
  3. Chew gum! Dessert Delights (Extra) have some crazy sugar free flavours like chocolate mint ice-cream, lemon tart, strawberry cupcake and orange popsicle. Get chewing without jeopardising your diet!
  4. Low calorie jelly! Jelly Lite is just 7 calories per serve so make sure you pre make some the night prior so it’s on hand. I find this best when 3:30 hits or post dinner. That’s when I crave my sweets :-)

I hope these tips help you. Happy dieting guys!

Roxy x

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