Ultimate High Fibre Veggies

Eat your veggies, get more fibre!

Fibre. We know we need it, but even with all the fibre-added foods out there, most people are still deficient. It can be hard to meet your daily fibre needs, but getting your full quota of vegetables everyday really helps.

You don’t have to fill your day with grains and high fibre cereal if you don’t want to — just eat your veggies!

My favourite high fibre foods

Here are my go-to foods for when I need a fibre boost:

Brussel Sprouts

1 cup of these sprouts will give you approximately 32% of your daily fibre needs. I know, they’re known as the “gross” vegetable, but give them a chance. Throw them on a baking tray with some rock salt, garlic powder and olive oil and you’ll have a winning side dish, promise!

Sweet corn

So full of flavour, this sweet veggie has a very generous amount of fibre to help meet your daily needs; a whopping 4.3 grams per cup. It’s really easy to eat too, added bonus!


1 cup of this wonder veggie will give you approximately 20% of your daily fibre needs. You can prepare it in so many ways, and it makes for such a great side dish. My favourite is simply steamed broccoli with garlic butter. It’s a great winter warmer when the months get colder, and a great hit of vitamins too.


1 cooked cup of these babies will give you 8.6 grams of fibre — a great addition to any meal. Frozen peas are available in store year round, so they’re super easy to incorporate into your day. They’re also a bit sweet, so a different taste to most green veggies you’ll find around.

Got any high-fibre favourites? Be sure to share them below — we’d love to hear about your best veggies sides.

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