What Is A Serve Of Veges Anyway?

Do you know how many veges are in a serve?

I confess… I weigh my food. Everyday I use a scale to ensure I have the correct amount, give or take a few grams. This is extreme, and I don’t disagree, but as a fitness competitor who steps on stage as an athlete in peak condition, it is just what I do to get the job done.

I am not going to sit here and suggest that weighing your food is the solution to your health and nutrition problems, it’s not; however, it can help. It isn’t about weighing every gram, it’s about being aware of the proper serving sizes.

Let’s start with vegetables. Rule of thumb is a serve of vegetables is the size of the average fist, so 1 cup, but it is not universal for every vege. If you need a bit of a cheat sheet for your favourites just in case, the below should help you get started:

Asparagus — 4 spears
Broccoli — 1/2 cup chopped
Beans — 1/2 cup
Beetroot — 1 whole beet
Carrot — 2 large carrots
Kale — 1 cup
Lettuce — 1 cup
Leek — 1 whole leek
Onion — 1/2 onion
Pumpkin — 1 cup, chopped
Capsicum — 1 whole capsicum (1 cup)
Zucchini — 1 cup

Now, some of those don’t seem like a lot, do they? I was surprised as well — turns out over the years I had been eating more than 3 serves of some vegetables in one sitting. This has fabulous benefits for health as vegetables are so good for you, however, not for weight loss goals.

If your goal is to change body composition like me, or simply improve your weight, then portion sizes are crucial. Take the time to learn what the right serving size is, and you’d be surprised how quickly you start to seamlessly apply that to your day-to-day routine and how fast you see results!

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