I just completed the migration of my blog over here to Medium. I plan on using this platform from here on out for a couple reasons.

First, I find the format a bit more visually appealing. I am no graphic designer, but I appreciate aesthetics as much as the next person.

Secondly, I don’t tend to care about following the crowd, but Medium is kind of the “new thing” that many writers, journalists, and bloggers are using nowadays. I’ll be able to aggregate more interesting material this way.

Lastly, a search for “Catholic” on Medium really just yields either publications bashing the Church or writers who feel the need to explain their psychoses on the fact that they were raised Catholic. I can add a more accurate depiction of the Church and living a Catholic life today to this community that has basically already determined that Catholics are backwards-looking, rule-promulgating, sex-hating, hate mongers. I hope to illuminate them and give them reason to change their minds without “proving them right.” Please pray for me as I begin this new endeavor.

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