Great startup teams can be found in unusual places because they are less likely to be looking for a standard career path. Yes, the purpose of a business is to make a profit, retain customers, be sustainable, and, for some, make a difference in the community. …

My journey from Python to Golang via Node.js

Ever since college, I dabbled with Python, made a few scripts here and there, built some websites with Flask and Django. It was the first language I referred to anyone because it was quite easy to start with and delivers amazing results…

A short story on how things changed.

2017 was a massive year in my life as a developer. It brought about no small changes both in how I go about writing code as well as how I interact with other developers. The one thing that “mattered the most” is collaboration

That was me until the past week.

Embrace your life. Image credits:

It can be frustrating to to hear about how to make your life wonderful by doing things that you can’t necessarily do on a daily basis because of your job or lifestyle. …

Deploy to AWS EC2 instances using GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

So, recently, I’ve been trying to deploy a private repository from GitLab CI/CD pipelines. I couldn’t find an easy way to deploy docker images to EC2 instances. …

Good bye crappy config files!

I’m trying out Parcel.js for one of my most recent endeavours and I must say I’m quite loving it so far. Well, as you know everyone loves webpack and brunch. …

Although it is super fun to work with opensource projects, it can get pretty tiresome on the project maintainers after reaching a certain degree of popularity. Projects start to draw the attention of more and more young aspirants and managing the review process can be a pain in the arse.

Hi guys, it’s been my first week into the last phase of GSoC 2017. I’ve been working on writing plugins all day. The first one was to maintain synchronisation between Pull Requests and their related Issues.

It’s been so much fun wiring up a complex regex that could figure out…

The final of my second phase into GSoC is related to NLP for finding duplicate issues within a repository. To be honest, I’m just a learner and not much into these stuff. The algorithm I came up with is not even close to being perfect. …

This week of GSoC has all been about making models to store GitHub and GitLab data within a database to overcome two problems, viz;

  1. GitHub API Rate limiting
  2. Reducing latency for GitMate operations

We have a new project setup at igitt-django. It’s a django application to store and organise IGitt objects within a database.

This solves a lot of problems for future plugins like duplicate issue finding which involve fetching a lot of data in the responders.

I think I’m gonna end this one here, but trust me, the next one’s gonna be pretty big, a lot to share 👍🏻.

A small clue into the next one here.


This week of my GSoC ran terribly slow 😔, owing to several factors like poor internet connectivity at college, registration and room allotment, etc. Hoping to get work done quick by the day.

My New Roots..

Life as nkprince007, the web developer.

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