Plugins, plugins everywhere.

Naveen Kumar Sangi
Aug 4, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi guys, it’s been my first week into the last phase of GSoC 2017. I’ve been working on writing plugins all day. The first one was to maintain synchronisation between Pull Requests and their related Issues.

It’s been so much fun wiring up a complex regex that could figure out the responsible issues and hell yeah, it’s part of IGitt now. The second one was something that would periodically check for activity on pull requests and issues. If it finds someone’s slacking behind, it labels them as stale. ✌🏻 So that we could easily filter the stale ones behind. Gosh, celery beat scheduling is real fun. 😜

The third one is a plugin that automatically adds approval label on pull requests once the head commit passes all tests. This is attributed to a big change for quickly finding approved ones and merging them.

The coming weeks of GSoC would be wiring up a plugin to find merge request conflicts between one another. And another one to find and rebase approved pull requests when master gets updated.

Sorry for a short post, guys. I promise the next ones to be a bit off the edge and exciting. See ya’ later.

My New Roots..

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