The bond that never broke..

Bonding with coala for Google Summer of Code 2017

Hello guys. 😉

This month was the most crucial to me, managing along both open-source work with gitmate and NDA’s work with Wipro, Bangalore. It was so blissful working with the mentors who took utmost care in helping progress my work. I’d never have finished my work without them. Thanks a lot Lasse, Fabian and others who helped me successfully finish my work as a breeze. Responding at every call of mine should’ve been a lot of trouble for you, guys. Hope to get this going smoother from the onward weeks. 😁

During the final week, I had to work with the implementation of coala plugin, the heart of gitmate, which helps our organization(and everyone else on GitHub soon as we release it publicly) to have a unified lint check 💻 on every pull request ever made and comments the results right away on the pull request.

We wholeheartedly 😍 welcome all you developers to come join us and help build plugins for gitmate, so that we all could use them. 😊 This completes most of the plugins built for gitmate. We still miss the acknowledge plugin though, hope Adhityaa Chandrasekar finds enough time to finish building 🔧 it soon.

Hope the following phase is gonna be more fun, working with GitLab and BitBucket APIs for gitmate plugins.