10/18/2017 — Rep. Kelly Flood

Joining us today on My Old Kentucky Podcast is Kelly Flood, a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives. Her district is the 75th, which covers much of downtown Lexington, the University of Kentucky and it’s surrounding community, as well as some area in Southwest Fayette County. She has represented the 75th district since 2009. A fun fact: Representative Flood is the only member of the Kentucky House of Representatives who Jazmin and Robert have both voted for. Representative Flood, thanks for joining us on My Old Kentucky Podcast!

  • Tell us about your start in politics — why did you decide to run for office? Was this a life-long desire, or was there something specific that created the desire to serve?
  • You are a minister in the Unitarian Universalist church. Tell us about how your faith and your public service intersect with one another. What do you think is the best way for religion and politics to coexist?
  • You serve in one of the safest Democratic seats in the entire state. Your closest election during your five terms was the 2016 election, when you received “only” 61% of the vote.
  • I’ve heard the 75th district described as the “conscious of the House”. Do you feel a responsibility to put forth a progressive platform of ideas? Is that kind of exercise useful in a government that is completely controlled by the GOP?
  • I don’t have specific numbers to back this up, but I think your district has the most students of any district in the whole state. Is it a challenge to represent a district full of very transient and young people from all across the state?
  • A bill to address the pension system is forthcoming, and many legislators have brought up the need for more revenue. There are several ideas for increasing revenue, such as casino gambling and legalization + regulation of marijuana, that some Democrats shy away from. How does someone from your district address issues like these among your colleagues?
  • The next general assembly is coming up soon! This will be the first budget session with the GOP in full control. Last year we saw some major legislation that has been on the GOP’s “to do” list for a long time get passed into law. Are there any lingering issues that you are particularly worried about?
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