Mildly terrified UNIQ+ students having a go at ‘punting’ | Photograph by Phil Brooks

What it’s actually like to be a research intern at Oxford, by our interns

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Medical Sciences, Newcastle University

“Babies. Who doesn’t love them, right? Especially when they kick out of the womb early so that their adorable faces are only the size of your palm.”

Read more about Fahiza’s summer looking at how to reduce pain for newborns on the Newcastle University BNS blog:


Zoology, Bristol University

“I was given a lot of independence which suited me despite the steep learning curve it brought — one evening I left the lab at 10:30 pm because I severely underestimated how long transferring individual flies to vials would take!”

Read more about Ellie’s summer in the University’s Fly Lab on the Bristol University Bio Sciences Blog:

UNIQ+ research in the lab | Photograph by Phil Brooks


History, University of South Wales

“I am very pleased indeed with how this project turned out…I would like to thank all those I worked with for making me feel incredibly welcome and respected every step of the way”

Read more about Ciarán’s research with the History of the Book project on the project blog (you can also read posts by other History of the Book interns, Freya, Will and Robbie):

A UNIQ+ talk before dinner at New College | Photograph by Phil Brooks


Biochemistry, Imperial College London

Watch Holly’s vlog of her summer on UNIQ+ over on YouTube:


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