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My Pet Peeve #18: SafeEntry Check Outs

Still forgetting to check out using SafeEntry.

Image from
Screenshot from SafeEntry website.


To be fair, the government said that checking out from a venue is not compulsory although encouraged, according to the SafeEntry website. Maybe that’s why people like us forget to check out from their SafeEntry? Touch wood, but if a confirmed case was at the venue you were at earlier and you forget to check out throughout the whole time outside, you might be mistakenly warned that you might be a close contact (which nobody wanted it to happen). I might have forgotten to check out from a lot of venues a couple of times, but I certainly wish that I won’t be informed that I was near a confirmed case. In fact, as of the time I’m writing this writeup, I wasn’t near to any confirmed case once; hopefully it remains that way.

Screenshot from CNA’s 4th January article. (CNA, 2021)

TraceTogether gone ‘rogue’

DISCLAIMER: I know it’s too late to say this and I have no say about it, but this is just my thoughts anyway.

Screenshot of headline from The Straits Times’ 6th January article. (The Straits Times, 2021)
Screenshot of message prompting users to agree to the new T&Cs.



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