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Eric Tien
Eric Tien
May 27, 2014 · 2 min read

Again born unto the world, another cycle begins
Same, same, but different
We slowly wake up, our eyes opening wider and wider
Our senses capture more and more, and then less and less, and then darkness

What is one life to the universe if the entire earth could vanish and not a star would blink
For some it is easy, for some it is hard
This elusive quest for meaning and happiness — like trying to catch a butterfly it flits through your fingers

Sometimes you’ve got it all figured out, this delicate dance through space and time
Your steps on beat, the music loud, the mood joyous and laughter abound
But then there’s a crash! and a bang! And you trip and you fall and you wonder what the hell just happened?

This game of trial and error you just lost, checkmate
You’re falling and you can’t turn back
The world is spinning out of control

What do you do?

Look inside and find the bricks of your soul, use them to guide yourself in a new direction

Navigate the new world you find yourself in
Take the road not taken or take the taken road
Does it matter?

Go on a walk every now and then — you will go exactly where you need to be
If you want to be rich, be rich!
But money can’t buy true love or home grown tomatoes
No, no, both require effort

Love takes effort
There is no reap without sow for the two are eternally bound to each other, inseparably.
No satisfaction to be gained from being given
So don’t gamble your life on a lottery ticket

My “Poems”

Not just haikus

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