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— The start of Preseed Prints all the way to Desks and Beds

Preseed Prints was started with the philosophy that good quotes visually presented well have greater meaning than the words alone. It has the power to inspire people who are on a quest to achieve something. Words by persons who have achieved greatness, open a window into their thoughts and their beliefs which helped them become what they are today. We thought to gift you posters will be simple enough in operations, and the words will reach the audience

When I pitched the idea of Preseed Prints posters to our poster designer, the wonderful Saransh Bansal, this is what he had to say, “Personally, motivational quotes have had a huge impact on my life. These quotes were the ones which helped me believe in myself and get out of the conventional college-job tradition that we have and pursue what my dreams were made of. They have been the fuel for the courage that made me get over the fear of failure and trust that the journey is more important than the destination”.

The same can be said for other wonderful people I had an opportunity to lead, they too have gone off the traditional track to carve a path of their own. I inject this belief, that I can state and collect words, in every notepad created by Preseed and hope that many other people like us will get the inspiration to pursue what they love to do.

In short, Preseed Prints revenue will help Preseed sustain itself on this profound journey filled with inspiration and experiments of all kind, while sharing through it’s blogs all those values learnt.

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We are starting a new space called

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to inject our place with such words and posters.

We give 3 hours at our location for free on purchase of our framed posters.