The Mandalorian, Season Two, My Rambling Review

This is still the way, but there are a few bumps in the road

Mandalorian carrying baby Yoda on his back.
The relationship that makes the show. (Image copyright Disney, used without permission, please don’t sue me.)
Two Storm Troopers
“We’re going to get our asses kicked again, aren’t we?”
A group of Dark Troopers
Look, a credible thre… oh. Never mind, they’re done.
They could, for example, kill off this character… just… because.
Boba Fett sitting beside whatever Ming Na Wen’s character’s name is.
I’m subscribed to Disney+ now, so I guess I’ll watch this.
Mando takes his mask off to say goodbye to Baby Yoda
This could have been so much more poignant
Bo Katan, a Mandalorian character
The politics of Mandaloria I can take or leave, but I’m in favor of more sexy Mandalorians



Reviews of shows and movies about super heroes, science fiction, and others.

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Dave Gutteridge

I write mainly about how my life falls apart, followed by opinions about shows that usually involve super heroes, and occasionally other random things.