Dammit, I Gotta Keep Going

So often I start something and don’t finish. I start eating a bag of kale, and don’t finish it all the way through. The results, it ends up rotting. I started college way back when, but dropped out two semester shy of graduating. The result is that I lost credits. This is pretty much what happens to our self-esteem. We start to do something that we are passionate about, but somewhere along the way we stopped being affectionate and give up. Instead of we, I should probably say I. I stopped being as confident in my abilities. But I know that this is a choice. Despite the circumstances that may arise, it is still a choice. And I choose this day to complete whatever tasks are before me.

In life there will be setbacks. The challenge is to work through those setbacks. The challenge is not to let the setback become a roadblock. Life is a journey. There will be forks in the road, but we can’t be afraid to ask for directions. I think it’s a man thing.

Setbacks are nothing more than opportunities for us to grow. It’s experiential learning in self-discipline and self-control. Self discipline is so important to not giving up on oneself. I’ve done this too often in my days, but I refuse to continue. Going forward I will just stick to it. I see Soulchap.com as something great and in order to develop it, it will take self disciplined and persistence. May as well throw in a little bit of patience.