Yoga and the Hood

I can honestly say my nerves have taken me hostage. On February 23rd at 7:30p.m., my play, “ Yoga and the Hood,” debuts. I wonder how the audience is going to receive it? Will they? I wish I could have more staged readings prior to the actual production. But that train has left the station. It’s just my lack of confidence again. But I do believe there is only one way to conquer a lack of self-confidence: head on. That’s right, I will face my fear head on. Will I flop? That’s a possibility. Will I fly? That’s also a possibility. But falling is a part of learning how to walk.

So many people tell me that they enjoy “Yoga and the Hood.” Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if they are only telling me this because they know me, or because the play is that good. I can only go by the the feedback that is given me. I pray the ancestors let it be well received. If it is not, I will suck it up. I’ll press forward. At the end of the day, I think that is the life lesson — pressing forward.

Aeeril Johnson plays Sheila in “Yoga and the Hood.”