My Review: Inelz Semi-Permanent foundation

Getting a perfect skin 24/7 is a dream come true with the latest innovation by Inelz.

Permanent makeup”?! I am sure you are thinking about all worrying pictures of tattooed lipstick & very weird brows from the ’95s. But in 2020, it means something totally different, thanks to a new innovation called the “Inelz Glow” also known as semi-permanent foundation.

I came across this amazing innovation by way of a call from my very old friend who did the procedure. When talking to her about it, I understood that it was “perfect for persons who love the whole ‘my skin but better look,’” I knew I had to give it a try and share with you guys my honest review about it!

But first, let me explain what Inelz glow is!

To put it in simplest terms, the Inelz Glow technique involves micro-needling an organic pigmented serum (100% safe) from Korea into your skin. This serum also contains some famous anti-aging peptides — like niacinamide — to make your skin flawless! At the end, you will get a sort of “lit-from-within” glow. It’s a very natural & subtle way to get the perfect skin tone look without having to apply makeup daily. During each session, microdroplets of BB cream [the vitamin serum] are implanted into the skin just above the dermal layer.” The results can last for six months to a year.

It is very different from typical tattooed makeup — it’s not a tattoo!

People often mistake this for a tattoo, but it’s an “intensive skin care routine, not tattooing. Unlike typical tattooed makeup, applied in the lips or eyebrow areas, the Inelz Glow serum’s pigment particles are said to be much smaller. “They are not dense the way tattoo pigment is, and will not change or alter the color of your skin,” says a member of the Inelz customer care service. During each appointment, you’ll increase the density of the pigment in your skin, thus achieving more coverage. The website claims that it can soften the appearance of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, blemishes, and even dark circles.

The more sessions you do, the more coverage you get!

During each session, you’ll increase the density of the pigment in your skin, thus achieving more coverage. It has a cumulative effect. You will start to notice the coverage build-up from the INELZ GLOW implanting under the skin 2–3 treatments into a block. My friend has already done 6 sessions and her coverage is simply perfect!

My worries before doing it!

Though it supposedly may improve the look of breakouts, I was worried about the serum clogging my pores and causing pimples. However, the Inelz customer care assured me that it wouldn’t happen. “Makeup that sits on top of your skin and covers your pores will cause pore congestion and breakouts,” they explain. “The serum contains microscopic particles and the skin simply absorbs it, thus not clogging the pores. It will actually give your skin the illusion of less pores as the serum fills in the pores from within the skin.”

Here we go: My first session!

Eager to experience this for myself, I order the “Starter kit” on Inelz website that also included the Inelz Microneedling pen. I received my order very fast! It took only 2 days to arrive.

I followed all instructions listed on Inelz website’s tutorials — step by step. I found the procedure to be entirely painless, and it took about 45 minutes for cover my whole face. I was diligent about making sure everything was even, which meant there was a strange-and-slightly-scary moment in which my eyelids were being microneedled.

Once that was done, I put the FREE hydrating mask provided with my order for 20 minutes. This step ensures that the pigment is totally sealed into the skin and maximizes the absorption rate. After all this time, I was a new, permanently BB-ified woman.

The best part: the results!

I leaved the serum on my face for the entire day to allow a full absorption. After a few hours, my skin seemed to absorb the serum and I was left with a radiance that looked like it was coming from beneath the surface. The acne scarring that has lived on my cheeks since high school became nearly invisible, which is a total game changer.

I will say that the commandment not to wet my face for 24 hours after the treatment felt near impossible (which was part of the aftercare, along with avoiding sun exposure for a week afterwards). I’m also convinced that rule was to blame for the deep, cystic whitehead that popped up on my upper lip two days post-treatment. Since the rest of my skin looked so gorgeous, though, I didn’t actually care as much as I normally would about the blemish.

I’ve now had semi-permanent BB cream under my skin for two weeks now, and since that one pimple, my face has been completely imperfection-free. Furthermore, I haven’t put a single swipe of foundation on my face since I got the treatment. It’s saved me a ton of time in my morning makeup routine, which now only requires a few dots of concealer over my more prominent acne scars to walk out the door looking flawless.

And makeup isn’t the only thing I’ve cut back on in my post-BB Glow life. The Inelz customer care advised that I should keep my skincare routine minimal for the first few days after the treatment (waiting 72 hours before using skincare products).

I’ve loved the results of my BB Glow Facial! I’ve gotta say I am all for the 2020 take on permanent makeup!



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