Hi there.
This is Naked Man.
I just wrote a piece of text in my journal.
It is the first piece of text that I intend to publish in a new blog about Zen.
I am excited right now because I, or rather my mind, my ego, is happy.
My ego says “I just wrote something beautiful, something meaningful”.
Notice the usage of the word “I”. This is the language that my ego speaks.

“I did this. I did that. I am so great.”

My ego is lying to me.
I didn’t do anything.
My ego is a clever liar. It knows that these lies are so easy…

— -

The lies that my ego tells are easy to believe.
This is so, because I am living my personal drama, my personal story, with me as the main hero, the protagonist.
The all-mighty, all-beautiful, good, kind, smart, strong, protagonist.
And, besides me are other characters in this story of mine.

This is the story of my ego.
This is just a story. It is not reality.

What is reality? What do I mean when I say “reality”?

Reality is what I experience and know.

A quick note here that all words are subjective, have different meanings, from person to person, culture to culture, time to time.
The same person can use the same words to mean completely different things.
So when I say “reality” in this context, this context being enlightenment and the nature of the universe; when I say the word “reality” in this context, I mean the reality that we know exists, that we experience first hand, and CANNOT refute, and NOBODY can refute for us.

Not 80% sure, not 99% sure, not 99.99% sure.
When I say reality, I mean what we can be 100% sure of.

My ego is a clever beast.
It keeps screaming at me, even now as I am recording this. My ego says “what you are saying RIGHT NOW is beautiful, is smart, is insightful”.

— -

My ego says “you are channelling this message, this True Message, from God, from aliens, from The Universe”.
It says I am channelling right now. I am a Bringer of Truth.
My ego says “People will hear these words and … revere me, even. Revere me, find me intelligent, and knowing, and ‘enlightened’”.

My ego whispers “finally you will get that title of ‘enlightened person’, people will call you enlightened once they hear these words and read your text.”

“It is a good thing”, my ego says. And it lies.

It is lying to me.

Is it a good thing? Is it a good thing if people were to think I am enlightened, I am a messiah, I am a prophet.
The truth is mu.

Sorry, I used this term incorrectly. Mu…

Actually no, I did use it correctly.

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