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A watershed between a victory and a surrender

Covid… 19 and beyond

Photo by Vincent Ghilione on Unsplash

I am not a virologist, neither a doctor, my conjectures are based just on my informatic expertise so, please, read my assumptions in this framework.

The purpose of any virus is to survive in the body it has infected, the death of the host means its death so this is not its primary purpose, but rather an unwanted side effect. Its purpose is…




“All good books are the same and when you read a good book you realize it’s already passed on to you and then that book becomes yours whatever good or bad or enjoyable in it. There are evils, sadness, people, towns and seasons there, they all become yours.” (Ernest Hemingway)

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Storyteller following my narrative self — Freedom is my middle name — “Be Open” Guest Curator

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