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My Selection — Ain’t I A Woman?

by Sojourner Truth

On this International Woman’s Day, Sojourner Truth’s words echo loudly 170 years since they were first delivered. Her direct and stark questioning of what it means to be counted as ‘woman’ at a time when there were clear differences between the expectation of women’s rights and black women’s rights, and her calling out of the truth of the inherent strength, resilience, and…



“All good books are the same and when you read a good book you realize it’s already passed on to you and then that book becomes yours whatever good or bad or enjoyable in it. There are evils, sadness, people, towns and seasons there, they all become yours.” (Ernest Hemingway)

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Writing on the female experience, race, motherhood & self-development. Columnist at The Green Parent magazine. Follow me on IG @adeola_moonsong.