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My Selection — Immortality

A novel by Milan Kundera

Immortality is a topic that has been pondered by thinkers through the ages. Some believe it can be achieved through scientific endeavors; others believe in religion and spirituality. Milan Kundera’s novel Immortality is very much about the quest for immortality — what it means, how far people will go to achieve it, and what the end result would be like.

The novel centers on a love triangle between two men and a woman, but also touches upon many broader themes of human existence. One such theme is the quest for…




“All good books are the same and when you read a good book you realize it’s already passed on to you and then that book becomes yours whatever good or bad or enjoyable in it. There are evils, sadness, people, towns and seasons there, they all become yours.” (Ernest Hemingway)

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A Project Manager must be a good storyteller. Stories about my profession, my interests and my passions converge in this place.

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