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My Selection — The Sufi Book Of Life

By Neil Douglas-Klotz

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— The Sufi Book Of Life

Light of dawn arrives early today. Cold winds and rain making me stay inside. The usual sights and sounds of morning walk replaced with the silence of a cozy room.

I have been working on a project based on the book The Sufi Book Of Life , 99 Pathways Of The Heart For The Modern Dervish, by Neil Douglas -Klotz. I contemplate on each pathway and then write a haiku, poem or short story, whatever it is in my heart that the meditation of the Sufi word leads me to.

I returned to the very first word today, one that is actually the beginning of every moment, every new day, every new life. Any new journey we move towards, we step into the unknown, the book says. This unknown is the sacred — the divine being, cosmos, inner higher self, whatever you believe it to be.

The word is Bismillah that is translated poetically in the book as follows:

We begin by remembering
the sound and feeling of the One Being,
the wellspring of love.
We affirm that the next thing we experience
shimmers with the light of the whole universe.

As I meditated on the word, I found myself just sitting in silence and felt a certain alignment that the book also refers to ….. “when we align our breath with that of the breath of the sacred.”

Right there and then I could hear two birds outside singing back and forth to each other, again perfectly synced.

In this remembering and awareness, I found the root of the word that is also so beautifully found by the book as follows:

—The Sufi Book of Life

This atmosphere is what we feel in a temple or a mosque, during our prayers, our meditations, our peak of flow states. This immediate place of solace and relief that doesn’t necessarily need using meditation apps, taking deep breaths, or specific yogic postures, guided meditations.

Anywhere and anytime we are in the sacred silence, the pause, the togetherness with the sacred unseen, and step into the new breath, new journey, new task with that awareness, that is our perfect alignment with the sacred breath. That is where stepping into the unknown merges us with our higher self.

“Connect our heart to the heart of the cosmos”

I have sat in silence
In the pause before the day
We have built our own temple here
In the atmosphere of the One

V Paliwal



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