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We were Born to Clap

By: Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

Photo Credit: Wadi Lissa on Unsplash

Dear First World, Salute to you
Accept humble bow, from the Third World.
Thank you for the great lectures for **** idiots.
Heads hung low, wide-eyed,
we clapped.

You sold us your notion of humanity,
we lived in a barbaric world.
You bombed to end the atrocities.



“All good books are the same and when you read a good book you realize it’s already passed on to you and then that book becomes yours whatever good or bad or enjoyable in it. There are evils, sadness, people, towns and seasons there, they all become yours.” (Ernest Hemingway)

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Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

His short stories are well-recognized internationally for his unique prose style.