Miamis Finest

Eric Tien
Eric Tien
May 28, 2014 · 7 min read

Ring ding ding. Ring ding ding.

The man beneath the sheets stirred in his sleep. An empty bottle lay discarded on the floor, it was a 2010 Cuvee Chardonnay. Nothing fancy, but not something most student would have lying around. But then again, he wasn’t the average student. There was more to Vik than met the eye.

Ring ding ding. Ring ding ding.

Vik’s eyelids slowly withdrew giving way to a fuzzy and confused view of the room. His searching hands found the source of the disturbance and he pulled the screen up close to his face. One look at the Caller ID and he groaned, this was going to be a bad day.

“God damn it no,” he moaned under his breath as he muted the call. He looked at the beautiful specimen lying next to him and felt ashamed for having to leave her there by herself. What a pity. He spent a few quiet moments enjoying the sight of her sleeping form. He admired her full breasts and the way they rose and fell in unison with each and every breath. He admired her rich caramel skin and her golden locks of hair, how they were scattered around her head like the petals of a summer flower. Vik leaned over and gave her a light peck on the cheek. As she began to wake up he slid his hand down the small of her back and gave her butt a playful squeeze.

“Naughty already?” she asked.

“Hey babe. I gotta run, sorry. I’ll call later.”

She rolled towards him, reminiscing over the previous night. It went exactly as she expected, everything was perfectly planned and perfectly executed. They had drilled it with her over and over again, taught her an answer for every question, a response to every action. Different settings, different scenarios, they covered it all in training and last night it proved to be worth every last effort.

“Aww, you sure? Why don’t we just continue where we left off? We can be quick.” She flashed a devilish smile and pulled him close enough to feel the warmth emanating from his body.

As appealing as it was to ravish the tantalizing body lying in front of him, there were more important matters at hand. Today was for serious business. Vik never seemed to enjoy these kinds of days, they were usually long, ugly, and messy.

“You know I’d loved to stay, but my Mama called. She caught a flat and is the farthest thing from a handy mechanic.”

He scavenged around the room for his clothes and got dressed as quickly as possible. No time for breakfast, he was out the door in less than a minute. As he passed through the door Vik turned around and gave Mia one last glimpse. A thought flashed through Vik’s mind, a brief wonder concerning everything the woman represented to him, innocence, a civilian life, a nice big house with a backyard pool and white picket fence and a pristine emerald lawn, diapers, sleepless nights, and soccer on the weekends. He laughed at his situation and gave a sad shake of his head as he closed the door.


The Captain was not happy on this particular morning. In fact he was far from happy. If the captain’s mood had to be described in one word, it would probably be royally-pissed-off-beyond-fucking-belief.

“How can you be so stupid, huh? I give you chance and you fuck me.” The man being questioned had no response ready and continued to cower in fear.

“Come here.” A few seconds passed and no one moved, the tension was palpable. It was almost quiet enough to hear his heartbeat jackhammering away trying to burst out of his chest. Only a few things manage to get under the Captain’s skin—he is a surprisingly tolerant guy—but having to repeat himself is one of those things boils his blood. His face broke out into a wide grin, completely forced, and with his hands outstretched for an embrace he started towards Dmitry.

Dmitry looked at the two burly men to either side of him who had arms that dwarfed his legs. He looked at the Captain approaching with his impeccable smile. He started to sweat, and his heart began fluttering. He wondered if these were the last moments of his life, “Is this it? Is this where my story comes to an end?” The Captain wrapped him up in an overly friendly embrace and clapped him on the back a few times.

“Oh Dmitry, what will I do with you?” asked the Captain.

Knock. Knock.

“Oh! My friend. Excuse me while I greet visitor please.” He motioned to his guards to open the door and was delighted to see Vik. “Ah Viktor! So nice to see you. I’m sorry to call you this morning, but we have problem today. You see, this man lose shipment to Los Rastrojos. Big shipment.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Dmitry why would you go ahead and do that? They need the guns now. You know they were counting on that shipment right? They’re not very friendly when you screw them over,” said Vik.

Vik let out a long drawn-out sigh, he hated fixing these problems. And besides, Dmitry was a decent guy. He was a strong worker who rarely screwed up and was a man of his word, an honest criminal. Sadly, the gods of luck decided to frown upon him these last few days. “Dmitry, didn’t you just become a father?

His eyes went wide in fear.

“Please, no. Leave my family alone” he begged.

“Oh don’t worry they will be fine, I will make sure to take good care of your wife. It’s you I’m concerned about. ” said Vik.

The Captain turned around and walked to the window to gaze out into the streets under him. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back for a few moments before speaking. “Vik, I trust you take care of him.”

“Da. No problem.”


“You know I’d loved to stay, but my Mama called. She caught a flat and is the farthest thing from a handy mechanic.” He was such a good liar it almost sounded genuine.

Mia pretended to pout and put on a sad face. She knew that his mother hasn’t driven a car for at least a year by now. She hasn’t even been alive. Vik may have just met Mia last night, but the opposite was far from the truth, she probably knew him better than he knew himself. After all the surveillance tapes and childhood videos she watched she could see almost see directly inside of his soul.

He hastily got dressed and collected his various belongings from the floor, then strode out the door. He briefly turned around and gave her a strange look for a few seconds, but then he was gone. Now it was time for her to get to work. She took the condom out of the trash can and placed it in an evidence bag. She lifted his fingerprints from the door knob and collected a few stray strands of hair. When she was satisfied she had recovered enough samples from the room, she packed her bag up and let out a breath of relief.

She finally bugged his phone. Now they had a chance to listen in on some important conversations regarding the Bratva’s activities and infiltrate this chapter of their organization.

Step one accomplished, time to relax and take a bath.


The Captain was still motionless by the window like a guardian perched over his city when Vik finished his job.

“It’s done, Captain. I have your men cleaning up the mess.”

“Ah, very good.” He didn’t seem to have heard what Vik said or pay him any attention, and instead appeared to be lost in thought, trapped away in a world far from his own. Vik approached “How is Andre?” asked the Captain. “It has been long time since I see him.”

“Dad’s okay, he’s adjusting. Or trying to at least. I try to talk to him but he prefers to deal with it alone, you know how he is,” replied Vik. He said it a reminiscent tone, a tone that led the Captain to remember some of his childhood experiences. He remembered the time Andre had a violent fight with their father and how the bruises covered his body. Andre never told him why they fought and despite how close they were, all the pleading and begging had no effect on his stone-cold resolve.

He was a very strong young boy who would rather die than show any signs of weakness while in public. Despite the macho man Andre pretended to be, the Captain knew his brother had a heart. He remembers how Andre would sometimes cry in his bed at night after the incident with their father, softly but audibly. The Captain now knew what happened on that very night, and didn’t like to-

“Uncle, what’s our move?” asked Vik.

“Ah, sorry Viktor. Yes, we must move fast. We already have bad relationship with the beaner, this may be straw that break the camel hump. It is too late to fix, proceed with the exchange as we plan, but kill them all.” replied the Captain.

“And what about the rest of Dmitri’s crew, should we-”



Mia returned to face a round of applause back at the station, Miami’s finest is an appreciative crowd.

“Okay guys enough enough. Just let me get to the coffee, I’ve had a long night and need my caffeine fix.”

“Sounds like you had a fun night!” jeered one of the new recruits. Mia glared at him until he sat back down into his chair. She tried to quietly weasel her way through the crowd of congratulations and high-fives, but deep inside she was immensely proud of her accomplishment. They had ears on a high-profile Avtorityet ‘s son, what a lucky break!

“Sergeant, you make me proud,” said Lieutenant Gonzalez. She extended her hand out for Mia to shake and saw her face flush a light pink. Eiza Gonzalez tended not to give out compliments lightly and acted noticeably harder on Mia, forcing her to meet a higher standard than the rest of the department. Eiza knew her daughter could handle the pressure and did everything in her power to give Mia the skills she would need to succeed in the Miami Metro.

“Thank you Lieutenant, I couldn’t have done it without my team,” Maria beamed.

“This is a great step forward, but we still have a lot of work to do. Now get back to work Sergeant.”

“Yes sir!”


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