Middlesbrough’s Hilariously Insane BNP candidate

Today, on twitter, I was followed by Michael4BoroMP (Michael Ferguson) who is the PPC for the racist BNP party. After blocking him, I had a look at his Twitter feed and I came to the conclusion that this guy is either a very clever parody or completely stark raving nuts. Either way his twitterfeed is comedy gold.

Here some highlights of his first 24 hours on twitter.

Not quiet the full Obama is a Muslim nuttiness we get from the BNP’s American cousins, but hey pretty damn close

He also informs us those naughty Muslims are forcing our good British criminals too convert to Islam. The swines!

Apparently Leicester has been Colonised, did anyone tell Gary Lineker?

Those evil LidDems want to put the evil Muslims in charge. Only the BNP are stupid brave enough to say LidDems = Al-Qaeda.

Yes, Global warming is hoax is a conspiracy nut basic, and he has thrown in eugenics for good measure. I wonder if he’s a Glenn Beck fan?

I like how the BNP, like the rest of us, think the UKIP are (mostly harmless) nutters, but I am slightly confused why the poor old Lib Dems are lumped in with them.

Yeah, do you?

Like most BNP supporters he is a a true patriot, and illiterate at the most embarrassing of times. It’s spelt Britannia.

Those bloody foreign Volcanoes coming over here with their ash, stealing our airspace.

Yeah, people who travel in the great metal bird of the sky are big fans of couscous and communism. They should stay at home a eat a good British curry and love fascism.

The NHS has have also confirmed adding three exclamation points at the end of a sentence automatically makes it true.

Yeah, 97% of jobs have gone to IMMIGRANTS!!! not immigrants, but super sort of super genetically modified marxist Muslim upper-case three exclamation point IMMIGRANTS!!

Yeah, he sent the same IMMIGRANTS!! message, but this time he sent it to some local MPs. He also sent the same message to BBCTees, but then chickened out and deleted it.

This is my favourite, not only does he spell Teesside wrong, which is pretty bad considering he wants to stand for office in the area, but he then goes on to tell us that Middlesbrough is in danger of it’s own 9/11 attack from Muslim Terrorist and no other party other than the BNP will stop it.

The police are obviously helpless against the terrorists who are planning to hi-jack the Eastern Airlines Aberdeen to Durham Tees Valley flight and fly it into the Transporter because of political correctness. What we need is a moronic dribbling racist MP telling the police to ‘get stuck into those pakis’.

The moral of the story is, come May 6th go out and vote for anyone but the BNP.