UKIP Teesside’s Michael Johnson.

Since I did a post on UKIP Middlesbrough’s David Cottrell. It only seems fair that I do one on @ukipteesside Michael Johnson.

He’s actually David Cottrell’s partner, and fellow member of UKIP’s LGBT division. Despite the UKIP Teesside name Michael recently ran for a council seat in Warrington. He didn’t win and seems a little bitter judging by this two star review he left on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I had a good look around his Facebook profile and his Likes make very interesting reading. First he is a fan of the the far right group English Defence League and their LGBT Division. He also likes the English Democrats another far right racist party with former BNP members.

He also likes the Islamophobe page and like all good EDL fans he really, really, hates Unite against Fascism and Hope not Hate.

Like Anders Breivik he likes crazy Anti-Muslim nutter Pamela Geller. He also likes convicted murder Alexander Blackman (Marine A) so much he thinks he should be free, hopefully not to execute unarmed people again, and 1960’s racists favourite Enoch Powell.

He supports David Starkey’s Free Speech rights to be a racist dickbut, but the website God Hate Fags should be banned. It seems racism is fine but Homophobia is right out. That doesn’t stop him liking senior UKIP Homophobes Roger Helmer and Paul Nuttall. On a similar subject (hypocrisy) it seems Burning the Koran is fine but Muslim marches are not.

In a final look at his Facebook (there’s load more, but we don’t have all day) it seems he’s one of those idiots that joined the Don’t disrespect the WTC by building a mosque next to it page. Despite the fact Park51 is not a Mosque and it’s not next to WTC.

Strangely he also managed to upset the Stop Homophobia website after posting warning on Facebook over sending UKIP leaflet’s back to their Freepost address.

Now, here’s my favourite part. He also appears to be a bit of a Conspiracy Nutter. He posted a link on twitter to a bonkers conspiracy website to prove that “Labour Party have over 50 convicted paedophiles elected”.

You won’t be surprised to hear this is complete bollocks. This Conspiracy Truth website contains such nuggets of wisdom; 9/11 was an inside job, The Dangers of Vaccines and how the Queen owns the United States of America. Soon after being challenged over this libellous accusation. Michael shit his pants made his Twitter private.

Is this really the sort of person we want representing Teesside?

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