Ch-3 This is Marketing

I have been reading this book for some amount of time now and I am completely in awe with it. I have learnt so much just by reading 3 chapters and I am curious to know what lies ahead of me.

The approach is super simple and the connection it builds with reader makes one eager to read through and learn.

Marketing is based on one major concept: To serve. And this concept stays the same in every field or organization.

You have to focus on the people that you have to serve and understand that no one is same and every person has their own narrative. A marketer and the people he serves won’t have the same narrative or beliefs.

One important thing to remember, even though you have gathered every possible information about your target audience, You should know that no one is rational and they won’t always do what you expect them to do.

Don’t try to make them do what you want, put yourself in their shoes. Understand them and their behavior.

It won’t always be the case that your beliefs and decisions are accepted. Analyze your targets and make a plan on them. It won’t work if you make the plan and try to fit your audience according to it.

Every person has different beliefs, likes and dislikes. there’s a major difference in the song choices of a boomer and a Gen Z, so how can you expect an old man to listen to metal. There can be some cases that this might work but you can’t go and play rock music at an old age home.

Preferences can’t be same for every group of people so a marketer needs to change his methods according to the situation which he encounters.

Desire for gain versus avoidance of loss.

Here we went through a case study where we understood the behavioral pattern of a place where there is abject poverty. For them shopping isn’t an impulse activity and is not the same as a person who belongs to a well-off background. Their priorities are different than the marketer or the person who made the product. So what the marketer thinks doesn’t matter here. Only the audience’s perspective matters.

A marketer needs to understand that no one will listen to his story, he has to tell a tale which serves ‘them’. What the audience wants to hear, that’s the only thing that matters in marketing.

Marketing is understanding the irrationality and the changes.

A means to an end

People don’t need a product, they need the results that can come out of it. They want satisfaction and respect. A product is just the tool that gets them the desired results.

It’s not about you, it’s about them

People won’t want a product that you made. They will ask what it will do for them and what do they feel about it?

Don’t focus on the tactics or the outcomes, focus on the emotions and connection. Make something worthwhile that stays in people’s mind forever.

Marketers are meant for telling stories, building connections through them and offering experiences to the people.

What we make, how we make it, who we make it for. This is marketing!

Every organization or project is driven by some kind of primary force.

Rather than being marketing- driven an organization should be market-driven if they want to last for long.

Being market-driven means understanding the market and making it better. It means to listen and think about the customer.

Last but not the least, don’t assume things.

Don’t expect your customer to think in a certain way or have a certain kind of need or urge. We all are humans, irrational humans and believing that we all think according to the marketer is a mistake.



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