Chapter 1: This is Marketing

I recently read the first chapter of this book. Before reading this I never realized marketing works on such a broad horizon, I am looking at it so differently now and these are my learnings from it.

  • Marketing isn’t about copying the things that have been going around for ages, it’s about change and innovation. Coming up with something new is the key to success in this dynamic environment.
  • Taking Empathy and Service into account works better than relying on selfish masses for Marketing.
  • It’s not about coming up with a new problem it’s about solving customers problem and helping them . It gives you the chance to serve.
  • Years before the invention of internet advertising and marketing were considered the same thing with lots of ads in between TV shows and radio Programme but now internet has made us realize that “You have to be a marketer now.”
  • You have to see from a customers perspective, You have to be creative, and you have to absorb the fact that it’s not about you, it’s about them i.e. the customers.
  • Marketing requires us to connect with our customers and understand them and their desires. Develop ideas for them and their culture. Build their trust on you by making things better.
  • It’s important that you realize that you are keeping the idea to serve in your mind while coming up with a product or service.
  • Marketing offer solutions and opportunities to people so that they can move forward and become who they are.
  • Building something that people will long for if it’s gone and not just for the revenue aspect of it.
  • Your model should be based on what your audience or customer base wants, believes and needs.




Here I post about what I have learnt and understood from Seth Godin’s this is Marketing.

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