Reflection & Evaluation

My reflections based on the feedback of my final prototype presentation last semester.

What was the strongest component of your prototype?

The workshop framework and its components: the activities, the agenda, the facilitation and conversation cards, and the worksheet. I have received great feedback from my peers and from the users I tested with.

What was the weakest component of your prototype?

The task management tool. I predict that could happen since this was the part of my service that hasn’t been tested it yet. I also got feedback to possibly erase this feature altogether and recommend users to use other project management tools like Trello.

What are the existing attributes of your thesis concept to refine and iterate on next?

The interaction of the follow-up meetings, when business owners already know each other and are planning to work on an idea together.

The UX design of the website and how all the pieces of the service fit together in this platform.

What new areas have you not yet explored that are really essential? If they’re not essential, can you rule them out to simplify your path moving forward?

The customer side. But I made the decision to rule that out because I’m focusing on the business owners’ needs first. I want my solution to help them meet other business owners and together solve their biggest challenges. Based on my research I learned that business owners problems are bigger than just getting more customers coming into their shops, and they all share similar problems, like surviving high rentals, being lonely, lack of community engagement, and lack of local laws that can protect their businesses. I believe that if business owners come together as a group they will have better chances to solve their challenges.

In thinking about the user’s experience what phases have you overly focused on? What parts of the experience have gone under-explored?

I overly focused on the design of first meeting framework part of the experience, and now that I already got validation from participants that this experience was valuable for them, I will focus on how I make business owners motivated to continue meeting with each other and empowered to implement their ideas.