Core Nutrition (Week 1)

The first week of training has been interesting, painful and eye opening. The one thing I learnt from the Wadi Rum Ultra is that you should not turn away from two things:

  1. Nutrition / Hydration strategy
  2. Conditioning

Previously, in all forms of training I would do a big run and then eat doughnuts for breakfast. Although the load of training would outweigh the amount of calories I ate, therefore not hurting the midriff, it still wasn’t giving me the right stuff to get through the working day or help my body recover. This time round I am not fooling myself that I will be a meal prep monkey and run on kale, coconut oil and sweet potatoes. As a working and travelling professional training in my spare time, I am going to try and eat the best of whatever, Tesco’s* and Pret* have to offer.

*Other supermarkets and cafe’s are available

All I know is that I know nothing…

Conditioning is something I really only know from my days watching the rugby lads in the gym at University. I know of its importance, to me it makes sense. For the Celtman, there are huge hill climbs in both the run and the bike as well as needing the strength to complete the 3.7km swim. For this I need exceptional core, leg and upper body endurance strength.

The thing is, I have no real in depth knowledge of these 2 things. I know some people get online training or join clubs. However, this costs money. Seeing as I still need to purchase a lot of the kit, I want to try and save as much money as possible. Therefore, I have taken to Google and networking.

Google Networking

For all my training I have looked into reliable sources — other athlete blogs, governing body websites and online videos. I have listed them down below:

I went on holiday with my girlfriend and her family. Her sister and fiancé (the sisters fiancé, not my girlfriends, that would be weird) are in extremely amazing shape-they are very devoted to training and healthy living. They showed me a quick HIIT workout to do which I do when I am travelling with work in hotel rooms. It’s called the Decok of Cards. There are free apps that you can use which guide you through the process. I use this one.

All it entails is that from a deck of cards, you choose one exercise per suit — e.g. hearts=sit ups, clubs=squat jumps, spades=russian twist, diamonds=press ups

Turn the cards over, if it 7 of hearts you do 7 sit ups…and so on.

For my nutrition advice, there is too much on the internet to trust, one week burnt corn flakes gives you cancer, the next it means it has more protein! Nutrition, is also very personal. Therefore, I have sought the help of a friend who is friend of my girlfriend. She is a dietitian and has looked into my training programme and the race itself.

So after the first week, I am feeling positive. I have a general plan that works around my schedule and also allows me to train when travelling. I have put the outline below. I don’t stick to it religiously, but it provides me with a core base to work from (pun intended).

My training Schedule