Once a Day Every Day

(Weeks 6–10)

The last weeks have been very positive. I have managed to do some form of training every day and that has seen good results.

My swim is coming along. I make sure that every swim is the Celtman distance and I do a range of arm routines, leg routines, underpinned by normal swimming. This has been good thus far and I feel strong.

The main issue with me, as my 3 regular readers will know (thanks Mum), has been the bike. However, after the purchase of my new Cannondale (named Stiorra) my spirits were lifted and my longer rides have gradually been getting quicker and quicker.

Last weekend I completed 64 miles (half of the Celtman distance) in just under 4 hours — average speed of 16mph. My next challenge is to better this and then do the full distance at around 7hr 30 minutes.

The run I am focusing on the initial hour off bike. So these have been around 5 to 10 miles mostly and at a good but leisurely pace. If I can do a 2 hour half marathon for the race I will make the cut off. I am confident in this.

All of the above has meant that during the weekdays my workouts have been a mixture of:

  • Swimming — mixture of 3.5km swimming in a pool
  • Bike and Run — Hill based bike ride from when I am home to sundown (around 90 to 120 mins and a 5 to 10 mile run with headtorch
  • Turbo and Run — High gear high RPM and a 5 to 10 mile run with headtorch

For the weekends, I have been doing a Triathlon every weekend with the ratios similar to the Celtman and if I have a another day free I will do a long ride.

In other areas I have been trying to cut my weight down to be in optimum shape — I have tried to keep away from bad snacking (choccy and office treats) and limit the food I have during rest days.

A blessing has been a supplement called Huel. It is full of everything you need in one meal — the right carbs, fats, protein and fibre. I will have one for breakfast and one for lunch, with snacks in between usually some nuts, fruit and sushi.

All in all, I am feeling good, but still anxious. I am in Jersey for the Easter weekend and I am doing a triathlon on Friday, including my first open water swim!

I will try and do a write up.