Are You an Easy Target? Four Signs You Are Easy to Dupe

And how to avoid getting played.

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Nothing is ever free

In college, I remember a guy on campus standing at a card table with a handwritten sign that said, “Free Bread”. Ten loaves of Wonder Bread sat on that table while students skirted away from this weirdo giving out free bread.

Critical thinking skills must have topped out in 1999 because back then people knew that nothing is ever really “free”.


If something is free, there’s a reason why — and sometimes it doesn’t benefit you at all.

Ever wonder why the news is “free?”

Because it’s not.

Six colossal media giants control our media and what information is distributed to the masses. That’s why it’s free — and they aren’t doing it because they want to be nice and provide you with information that will help you live your best life.

The major advertisers in mainstream media have massive control over what we see and hear. Some say they do it to fill people with subliminal messages or overt narratives. Whether it’s selling us drugs and alcohol, promoting traditional family values, or desensitizing us to violence, the media is a powerful force in shaping how people…