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Ask My Shoes

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Yeah, it was inspired by H_art the band’s song.

What thing or item in your life if given the ability to speak up would say the most? If you ask me it’s our shoes. Yeah, the ones you step everywhere on. Leave God out of this let’s talk about things. How about my phone? You may ask, well which weighs more? Which has been to more places than the other? I don’t know which item you would rather use in this situation, but for me, I chose the shoe.

It has been everywhere. The good and the bad. It has been through the dust and the rain. Early mornings and late evenings. Joyful and sorrowful experiences. When I was anxious, confident, optimistic, pessimistic, sad, excited, etcetera, my shoes have seen me through all of it. Even when it was just me and God. They have endured my weight all along without complaint.

How much of our goodness or badness would they speak if given a chance? Would it be of the same measure? Or would one outweigh the other and which one is it? What would they say about how we treat people, where we go when alone, the self-talk we give ourselves on the way home after a tough day?

This is more about reflecting on our lives. It’s about the decisions we make daily and whether they are advancing us. It’s about the version of us when alone vs what we display to others. Are we being real or faking it? Are we putting on faces just for the sake?

They say walls have ears but I think shoes have eyes. If it was ever possible, shoes would act as key witnesses in solving some of the unsolved criminal cases of our time. They would save lives by eavesdropping on woeful conversations. They would build and break relationships. The list is inexhaustible.

This doesn’t mean that you have to share every aspect of your life with people. Being authentic to yourself seems different for people depending on their personalities. It isn’t about you saying everything that comes to your mind or living without boundaries. It’s more about knowing yourself, your values, what is or is not right for you, and being able to communicate that to others.



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