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Be a Supporter, Not a Reciprocator

There’s a difference.

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I’m gonna be very short and precise.

When you show support to someone else only after they’ve shown support to you, you are not a supporter. You are a reciprocator. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not, but reciprocating doesn’t come from the goodness of the heart. It comes from a place of guilt. Before you ask, I’ll tell you what guilt.

When someone shows you support first and then you start realizing that prior to them giving you support, you hadn’t given them any or much of it, thus feeling the need to reciprocate it, that’s guilt. Tell me if I’m wrong.

If you support me only after I’ve shown you support in whatever that you do, please save it. I don’t want it because I wouldn’t even have it in the first place if I hadn’t initiated it for you. I want real, genuine and consistent support that is totally based on what I have to offer, not on how often I’ve shown you support.

At the same time, no one owes anyone anything which means no entitlement intended here. So, you can always choose whether to support or not and should you choose to, don’t be a follow-for-follow type of person.

That’s all I have for you today. Thank you.



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