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Disagree, Don’t Disrespect

When does your opinion become better than mine

the image is that of what looks like the back of a shed or small house or a wall and on the front is painted two hands clasped in a strong handshake. One hand is painted black, the other one white.
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So now I cannot share my own opinion
It was not harmful, not hurting no one
But since you shared not my point of view
You chose to tell me my belief was untrue.

I knew that my piece would have triggered some folks
The topic I wrote on, some fires were stoked
But my title was clear for all readers to see
But you chose to engage and then attack me.

My story was on the law of attraction
And while writing it, I foresaw this action
I knew you would say it’s not grounded in fact
So I gave you the bullet to launch an attack.

I chose not to argue with your own belief
I just read your comment and felt some relief
That your point of view was different from mine
And I was human enough to respond with a smile.

This is what makes here an interesting place
Different ideas, opinions, beliefs we all face
But the problem arises when we cannot accept
That we can disagree without disrespect.

© I. Trudie Palmer

Author’s note:-
It is often about them, not you. They come to your stories with their hang ups and preconceived notions that someone anointed them the know all and end all of knowledge. As we say where I am from, stupz!!!!!



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Ilis Trudie Palmer

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