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Unpopular Opinions

It's Time to Get Rid of Tipping

It’s an archaic practice, to say the least.

Photo by Kate Townsend on Unsplash

The act of tipping goes back to the Tudor period in England. In those medieval times, it was a custom for royalty, landowners and the upper class to provide the serfs who worked the land with extra money for having performed their duties — well, royally. Around this time, well-heeled customers of teahouses and other commercial…




We can have opposing unpopular opinions, but share commonalities. Let’s all shut up for a minute and start listening more to each other.

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Michael Trigg

A “Jack of all Trades” and master of some: Mechanic, Writer, Sales Rep, TV producer, Management, Insurance Agent, Consultant www.handshakeconsultants.com

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