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Unpopular Opinions

My Unpopular Opinion About Death

Original art by Fritz Gareis (cropped)

As an atheist, I believe consciousness ends with death, but there’s a positive way of looking at that. If consciousness ends, then so does our experience, which means we’ll never experience being dead. Sure, we’ll experience dying, and that could be scary as fuck, but it doesn’t have to be.

My grandfather died in his sleep. It’s possible all of my grandparents did, but I only know for sure about one…




We can have opposing unpopular opinions, but share commonalities. Let’s all shut up for a minute and start listening more to each other.

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Ryan Klemek

Ryan Klemek

I write dinosaur erotica and mysteries featuring horny cat people. I also do the book cover illustrations. Sometimes I write reviews for movies that don’t exist

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