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No Apologies

Not a one — My unpopular opinion

the image is that of a fishing bay in a typical Caribbean island; there are small artisinal boats in the water and on shore and beside them are bigger boats; in the foreground in s fisherman’s shack restaurant and bar.
Fishinging* at Newtown Bay, St. Kitts — Image by Author ©

At odd times I wonder if my writing’s too foreign,
so you cannot even relate, since I always use strange phrases
and speak of experiences that make no sense, even with your deep imagination.
When I speak of growing up on a 2x4 island,
in the Caribbean.
And you ask so you know everyone?

My garden and the names of strange foods — dasheen, callaloo, bush tea,
You must thank the google daily.

I remember an editor once told me to find a picture,
since people would not know what mongeese were;
not even this spell checker recognise the word,
and so, so many life’s stories go unheard;

When the ones like us get the chance to share, we become unidentifiable.

I want people to ask me where are you from?
to which section of the human race I belong;
I want to stand out and be free, representing the real me
and if you don’t get it, well s’long.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

*Yes, it is fishinging!

Big up! Melanie J., editor of Unpopular Opinions



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Ilis Trudie Palmer


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