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Unpopular Opinions

One Great Way to Battle Division is With Sticks and Stones

Thick Skin Wards Off Hate

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

It’s likely because I’ve been raised in NYC that my crew has always been diverse, presumably by default.

As a youth, I shared many common interests with kids of various ethnic, sexual, and religious backgrounds including sports, pop culture, and hobbies. You like Ghostbusters? I like Ghostbusters!




We can have opposing unpopular opinions, but share commonalities. Let’s all shut up for a minute and start listening more to each other.

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Michael Centrone

Michael Centrone

We had it right as hunter/gatherers | Poet, Music Journalist, Metal Singer | Turn-ons: anthropology, philosophy, evolutionary biology | Twitter: MCentroneWriter

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