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What’s next?


What are you embarrassed about?

One of the toughest lessons or rather things I have been trying to foster in my life is the ability to move on from discouraging situations. At times we get caught up in the cycle of embarrassing moments that block our vision of what is ahead.

How many times have you done something that felt extremely embarrassing and hard to rise from?

We all have these occasions, no one is an exemption, realizing this is of significance in the attempt to rise from such experiences. They make us feel like we are the worst, sometimes we wish we could rewind life and do it better, but the truth is, the water has already been spilled. The tense is already a cure of the feeling. It ‘has’ happened, it is in the past.

I have recently been learning that laughing things out is the basic foundation of dealing with embarrassing situations. It is arduous especially when you are in the moment, and if you are a person who takes everything to heart. Having a friend who is the opposite and can make a joke about such situations is amazing. They make you see that it’s not that bad to mess up once in a while, and we all do.

In one of his last interviews, Kobe Bryant explains a game where he shot 5 airballs. He states his mentality in getting over such experiences. “You shot 5 air balls and now you feel embarrassed, get over yourself, move on. Okay, so why did those airballs happen”, Kobe.

This is one of the greatest mentalities on how these experiences didn’t affect who he was, instead they shaped him to be better at his craft. It’s always about perspective. If you look behind, you get stuck in the moment, if you move ahead, you can get past it.

What’s next is a question that guides us in shifting focus whether it is an embarrassing moment, a failed relationship or project, a disappointing season, and so on. However, turning over life pages is to be done with caution so that we don’t end up running away from issues and not getting what can be done better.



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