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Why I Write Dinosaur Erotica

The short answer: The porn books sell better than my mystery novels.

Book cover illustration for Prehistoric Passion From Mars, by R.K. Galaga

To this day, the above image is the most successful piece of art I have ever made. It’s still making its way around the internet, popping up as a new meme once or twice a year, which typically leads to a mini-surge in book sales. I can’t explain it. It’s not even my best dinosaur erotica illustration.




We can have opposing unpopular opinions, but share commonalities. Let’s all shut up for a minute and start listening more to each other.

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Ryan Klemek

Ryan Klemek

I write dinosaur erotica and mysteries featuring horny cat people. I also do the book cover illustrations. Sometimes I write reviews for movies that don’t exist

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