The Best and Most Recommended Places to Travel in October 2017

There’s no better month to take in the foliage, food, wine, and adventure of fall before the final warm days of the year draw to a close.

As the warmer days of September transition into the brisk afternoons of October, leaves begin to change and coat the sidewalks, menus swap lemonades for pumpkin spice lattes, and tank tops and sandals are switched out for sweaters and scarves. October is a beautiful month to travel, when you can — and should — take advantage of the colors, smells, and sights of harvest season, festival season, and the chance to spend those last few comfortable days outdoors.

And, here are 12 best and most recommended places to visit in October.

1. Taipei, Taiwan

An industrial metropolis once shrouded in smog, Taipei has emerged into a global city, with an efficient transportation system and restaurants, architecture, and an arts scene to rival Singapore’s. This 2016 World Design Capital is taking its designation very seriously: OMA is putting the finishing touches on the new Taipei Performing Arts Centre and galleries are showcasing more regional artists. Meanwhile, the cuisine is considered to be some of the best in Asia. Din Tai Fung is an institution for its legendary dumplings, while the unique presentations of traditional Taiwanese hot pot at Lau Jio are a favorite of director Ang Lee.

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