Day 134: Red Fireflies In Indiana on Route 41

Robert Gibb
My Van Year
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1 min readMay 14, 2022


I don’t typically like driving at night but I’m glad I did this night.

I was driving from south to north on Route 41 in Indiana and experienced hundreds of red fireflies in open fields, as far as my eyes could see.

At first I thought they were cell towers, but I knew this could not be. Hundreds of cell towers close together don’t make sense, especially in rural Indiana.

I realized what they all were when I drove past one that was close to the road. I looked up at it in awe, like how Frodo looks up at The Argonath in the movie Fellowship of the Ring.

This wind tower flashed in unison with others close by, and the hundreds further away flashed together at different times. Like dozens of families of red fireflies.

It reminded me of a Michael Mann film, specifically the end scene of his movie Heat when Hanna is hunting McCauley near the airport tarmac.

Here is the location of the video. You can use the Google Maps street view feature to see all the wind turbines during daytime.