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Circling Back, Not The Drain

Listen, I’m not sure where you stand with this whole election biz, but I took some time to share some thoughts about it today in a new piece titled Same As It Ever Was, inspired by the Talking Heads’ tune Once In A Lifetime.

I don’t know how often I’ll be sharing on Medium in the immediate future. I’m not looking to this platform as a primary source of income, or as the most efficient way for me to vent my feelings. I have a bunch of other stuff going on that’s going to command more of my time and energy in the next several months.


I do appreciate the fact that those of you who follow me here are at least interested in what I’ve been sharing thus far. And I’m clear that there will be moments when essays will be the only way for me to express myself, both passionately and descriptively, in a hurry. As a media maker, though I adore both filmmaking and songwriting, the path to completion is far more involved.

I am absolutely renegotiating my understanding of and relationship with technology. It is exhausting trying to remember to update a bunch of different platforms, or build relationships in separate buckets. So one of my goals is to double-down on how I utilize my main site,

I am also an aspiring kitchen whiz, more savory than sweet. Maybe I’ll start writing about that too.

Anyway, if you enjoy the new story or get a chance to catch up on others you’ve missed, kindly make it rain some applause on a sista! While I’m not pushing hard for the revenue, a monthly deposit that is large enough to at least buy a postage stamp would be welcome, ya dig?

Take care out here, y’all.

Like De La says, stakes is high.



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